I would love to blanket my daughters' ceiling with clouds...hanging down, daring them to reach up. I have been searching my brain and the internet for cloud ideas... here are some that I've found...

The above pic was the first one I saw and I thought, "Oh how delightful-- I would love to do this in the girls' room" (I always think with a very proper British accent--hahaha). Then I looked for others to get an idea of what I could make these out of...

I found stuffed clouds:

I found clouds made from stuffing:

I found clouds made from paper:

I wanted something with the right texture-- stuffing definitely provided that ethereal quality, but on it's own didn't seem very durable. I liked the pillow idea, but the fabric seems too flat for a fluffy cloud....then I saw this:

It's a pillow and the outside is 100% lambswool-- like a warm, woolly sweater...hmmm..a sweater-- Brilliant! I can gather sweaters from the thrift store and cover their ceiling in soft sweater pillows- soft on the inside and the outside. There it is-- this will be the winter of fluffy cloud-making wonder.

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