PB and Graham Cracker Houses/Faces
This winter we did a preschool with my friend and her kids on Mondays and Wednesdays. We took turns being in charge and going to each others houses. We stayed with the kids so that we could socialize too. Half way through it turned into Just Wednesdays because her and I  spearheaded a neighborhood playgroup at our church on Thursday mornings for all the moms to get out of the house and let the kids run in the gym.
So It was my turn and I wanted an activity and a snack. I had leftover graham crackers from Gingerbread houses and a mixed up some peanut butter and honey to use as the glue. Then I pulled out raisins and chocolate chips and let the kids build away. This was what Tiger created,.. she loves to play and make little characters with everything, including food. I had never used pb & honey before, only frosting, but this worked really well and was yummy too!
This would make a lovely Rainy Day Spring Activity

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