I've been taking my mom to work the past few mornings at 6:30 a.m. which is WAY early at my house. We are definitely more night people. I love the crisp air of the morning and the birds singing and the dew on the grass, but I love sleep more.
When I got home on Tuesday (having been gone about thirty minutes) I found Loves and baby Chickpea cuddled on the couch watching a cartoon. She said he woke up and missed me so she brought him out to the livingroom to console him -- (Daddy probably tried to but Loves knew watching a cartoon would calm him down) She is such a sweet big sister and I feel so blessed to have her in my life. That image is burned in my memory and brings joy to my heart.
I try to capture those sweet moments on camera sometimes, like when Chickpea woke up and toddled down the hall, past me and into Loves arms on the yellow 70s velvety chair and put his head on her shoulder -- I ran to grab the camera and the moment was gone. Everyone says these moments go by fast, and I am starting to see the reality of that. But life still is hard and I don't drink it all in-- but these yummy sips, how they refresh me.

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