My Mother's Day was greater than being able to do back bends in elementary school without any warming up! I couldn't have asked for a greater day. I asked L to wake me up after he'd had a bath so I could have one then I zonked out and woke up to two sweet girlies and and L coming in with breakfast in bed. L had made French Toast and eggs and they even included my favorite toppings-- Peanut Butter and Applesauce. Then Loves and Tiger picked some of our gorgeous white irises (I firmly believe in growing my flowers to be picked) and purple grape hyacinths. L also fed all three kids "Daddy Eggs" and helped dress the baby and change a poopy diaper and start the diswasher!!!!!!!!! (I cannot include enough exclamation points for the joy I felt I came around the corner to the kitchen and L was bending over the dishwasher loading it-- my heart was ready to burst)

Then we spent the morning with extended family for a celebration of our nephew coming home from serving a TWO YEAR mission in Mexico. I love seeing all the cousins loving to be with each other. Then we went to my moms and L and my Dad made dinner and we hung out. Being with family recharges me, usually--- right now Chickpea is like a little bomb in large groups of people, ready to fall down cement stairs or sit on babies or play in the toilet-- but when this stage is past, I get back to the "aah, it's so nice to sit and chat with the sister-in-laws while the kids play wildly, happily, for hours and hours on end."

Life is good and I need to focus on these moments and place them above any others in my mind to keep myself motivated and ready to charge forward and be the best mum I can-- just as me mum was (and still is) for me. ( my mom is British so I can say "me mum")

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