The Summer of the Beach

Last year I began something that has transformed the way I look at living in a place with six months of cold winter and 4-5 months of blazing hot summers with no real beach in site. Having grown up until 3rd grade in California, I know what I'm missing. So last year I began Operation Beach. I had been to Pineview Reservoir a few times in the past and had good memories of it- so I decided I would start there. What a beginning! A gorgeous "lake" with sandy beaches (if you go through the paid entrance) amidst groves of trees in the cove of a gorgeous lush (for Utah) mountain range. Who needs Switzerland, when I have this oasis right here? (I'm trying to see the best in my situation)
So I decided despite gas prices I was committed to go the beach as much as possible last summer and scrimp in other ways to make this possible... so I could start the process of enjoying the climate I'm in. (I settled down here nearly twelve years ago when I married my husband so I think it's about time). I told friends and family about my goal and my sister-in-laws enthusiastically joined in, making it almost a weekly event last summer. And we are all ready for it again this summer! So two weeks away and we are ready to jump into the Summer of the Beach.
From pinterest (yes, I'm back on it -- but only posting my own pics or pics of items to be sold, or have pin it button on them) I found a few gorgeous beach related links.
"How to Pitch a Bohemian Beach Tent" from Apartment Therapy here
Refreshing lemonade to drink at the beach here
Cool braid for the summer

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