I lay my 19 month old down to sleep, on my belly, singing sweet melodies to lull him. I close my eyes, enjoying a precious moment of quiet. Fffmuh-- I awake to a sharp prick in my nose-- and there is Chickpea curiously staring at me, then at what was in his hand-- a long sticked sucker-- having just extracted it from my nostril. "How far did he stick that up there?" "Did it penetrate my brain?" "Can a long stick shoved up my nose penetrate my brain?"These questions race through my head as Chickpea gives me a quick grin, climbs off my belly and tottles away.
The amount of inventive ways that I've been woken up since having children is mind blowing (and the same number of times I've avoided swearing whilst being woken up in inventive ways is nigh on miraculous).


  1. ahahah oh this is a priceless story. Nothing like the cheeky little cherubs waking you with a fist to the eye socket or the ripping of your hair. Lovely.... kind of!

    xo em

  2. yes, nosebleeds in the morning-- very precious precious hahaha