Tiger pointed to an owie on her ankle and one on her palm and said
 "It's from Love's playground.. on the little breadsticks " 
(She meant wood chips)

(Yes, I'm yelling -- I'm that excited!)
Loads of things I'm excited for:
#1 - Loves will be home all day
#2 - We get to play in the sun
#3 - We will be together
#4 - No school schedule
#5 - Tiger & Chickpea get to be with Loves
#6 - Breakfast picnics, morning hikes, painting, sprinklers, trips to the lake, camping, swimming, slow mornings, slow evenings, marshmallow roasts, long cuddles, a family vacation.... together

So, as you can see, I'm kind of big into this "together" thing. Without it I feel a lot of "what's the point?" With it, I get "pull-out my hair" crazy at times, but I love it. I drink it in.  Like when we are on vacation, and it's just us, I feel the world has stopped for a moment, stopped spinning and hurling us, that we are all in a huge deep breath, part of a huge reset button. I get panicked without a touch of this every so often. I definitely felt an attack on this when Loves started first grade this past year. It took me a few months to recover. It took us ALL a few months to recover. And now, that school year has come to a close and we are going to lap up the summer with big dog tongues. 
I am getting giddy just reading this.

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