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I have been recently praying each day to let this day go by SLOWLY. To let this day linger, in all its summery splendor.

I have not always felt this way-- many a winter day I have wished away, pleading to have it race by so that I can stop getting so frustrated, so I can start a fresh new day.

But it hit me a few weeks back that even if I get frustrated at my kids bickering in the backseat of the car, or screaming that one took the other one's  toy, that I do love them, I love them A LOT... and that it is a choice to choose whether this lovely summer time with them, with us all together-- goes by in the blink of an eye leaving us longing for more, or lingers, bringing sweet summer memories. And I choose the linger!

And it has worked! I had faith that it would, and it has. Time is a choice! I am not subject to to anyone else's view of it, I am only subject to my own. What an empowering thought! It has changed my world! And I am using a LOT of exclamation points! It's that good of a revelation.

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