Kids Happy Cloud Throw Pillow
"Head in the Clouds" pillow from Land of Nod found here
I am this Happy Cloud pillow right now.... okay so not exactly "right now" because I am trying to stifle the grumps I have with "that time of the month". And when I say "grumps" I mean "wanting to punch someone really hard all the time" sort of feeling. But generally I am the Happy Cloud pillow.
I don't know how I expect my girls to handle their emotions when I'm a whirling ball of fury for a few days every month. I know that exercise and good eating would help me, but all I want to do is eat rich, fatty sweet foods and sleep. At least I'm getting my sleep. sometimes.
It's okay to not be the Happy Cloud all the time. It's not okay to make others feel poopy because I do. Man, motherhood is the perfect cure for hypocrisy.

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