I'm falling backwards, as I do every fall. In my mind I think autumn, or "fall", is supposed to be a time of preparing for the winter, craving hot cocoa and soups, getting ready for hibernation.Yet every fall I get in a healthy mode, I have eaten way too much ice cream in the lazy days of summer and then fall hits and I want to get my body moving. The weather is fantastic, warm but not hot with an occasional cold stint or warm rain, and I want to eat salads and drink fresh juices. Unfortunately these urges usually only hit in the fall- but hey, I'll take them whenever I can get them. So here's to fall! What a blessing it is to walk my kids to school with friends in my neighborhood, to be able to still putter around in my garden and to see majestic mountains filled with the reds and yellows and oranges of fall leaves out of my car windows wherever I go.

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