I just got my film back from the photo shop. Yes, I said "film." I know, it is much more expensive -- but a monthly film fee of $20-30 compared to plopping down $800 for a digital camera that is as nice as my film one is a lot more do-able right now. I was using my father-in-law's old digital camera, but the lens broke.... so here is the first of many post with all my new holiday pictures.
This is the Ornament Swap follow-up from this post here. On December 10th I received a lovely hand-crocheted garland from Samantha at Little Rays of Sunshine here.  And here is a picture of it on my tree:

When I opened the package, my five year old squealed with glee, snatched the garland and took it right to the tree. About twenty minutes later I found it wrapped around our Lamp along with a scarf as the star decoration on her own Christmas "tree." Thank you again Samantha for this lovely piece of you and Christmas joy. 

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