But seriously, I could not feel more blessed looking at these pictures thinking how grateful I am to have these squishies in my life. The holidays were fabulous (minus the flu) and I am excited for this year. I did go through a post-Christmas cleaning rebellion, but we are almost back on board now. I feel great changes coming this year. I am going to make great changes this year! Not in the New Year's resolution kind of way cuz, to be honest, I do a lot better at resolutions when it's Spring time and I can walk outside barefoot and wiggle my toes in the grass and not put on four layers of clothing and boots from the Canadian wilderness to get the mail. I am talking about changes that have been a long time in the making. Changes that have to be made to have joy and have desire for every part of my life. These are the amazing changes that I feel rising up -- ready to flood my life with brand-newness (or, in a lot of cases, get me back to the core of who I am and what I love). 

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