Tip # 2 For Eliminating Mom Guilt
(see Tip #1 here)

Create Creative Experiments that make it practically impossible to get arduous jobs done.

For instance, I am currently conducting one such experiment to see how long our family can go without doing laundry. The underwear load is exempt for obvious reasons -- this must be done. However ALL other items of clothing are part of the study. And can I just say that I amaze myself at my personal ability to stretch the time out between washings to as far as humanly possible. 
So, if you are an "ahem" accomplished family scientist like I am, you too can be free from the guilt of an ever piling clothes mountain, or other such experimental variable. Free to hypothesize, test and conclude away into many many many days of a quiet washing machine.
The result of this experiment has lead us to creating the above Volcanic Masterpiece of "Mount Washus." The kids helped me -- Loves suggested the red lava on top and Tiger and Burger were the brave mountain climbers who tested out the Mount's stability by slamming their body into the mound and laughing uproariously.
May your days erupt in such delights as mine.


  1. Hello there! Just wanted to answer your question about what kind of flour to use for making Turkish bread (pide) - and "strong" flour just means a flour with high protein content; ie. "bread making or all-purpose flour" rather than say the lighter/finer flour you would use for making pastries, sauces, cakes etc.. It may have a grade on the packet (as they do here in France), but really anything will work!

    1. thanks so much, I'm excited to try it!