Welcome to my home. This is my progress so far on my entry....Seeing these pictures reminds me that I did get some of my projects done this winter...whew.

There will be lots more to come because Spring is here and Spring fever has sprung. (Well, in all actuality it sprung about two weeks ago when the weather was gloriously warm but then it snowed last week & I got a cold this past weekend so...ahem, more accurately-- Spring Fever has been sprung & will spring again-- hopefully very, very soon)I'll end with a lovely from my house... whom we affectionately refer to as Leonard the Lightholder. He sits on the back of our toilet right next to our bath , ready to light up for a nice soothing soak..


  1. I love your entrance hooks! Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. thanks, so nice to find steals like this at yard sales!