I am a peanut butter & honey kind of girl....on wheat bread, open-faced (without a top). I ate this practically every day throughout my childhood & I could eat it everyday throughout my adulthood.  I remember Sunday afternoons after church my mom would pull out the jar of peanut butter & the plastic bear full of honey and a bowl of fruit salad & we would eat an easy, stress-free lunch then all jump into our beds for a long snooze. I loved Sundays! I've gotten away from that... we now have a huge meal that my mom & I prepare every Sunday (I keep insisting we go back to the easy but my mom wants to stay big & I do enjoy the time in the kitchen with her) & now we go from church to my parents then to my husband's & we've done so every Sunday for the last thirteen years (we have missed a handful of times, but literally only a handful). This type of Sunday has now become something I love -- a day full of family-- full of laughing together & cuddling & chatting with the sister-in-laws while all the kids run wild....but I still miss those sweet, carefree Sundays of the past... with globs of 
pb & h stuck in my hair. 


  1. I love that you had pb and honey for sunday lunch as a kid. I occasionally give my two peanut butter and toast and a piece of fruit and Rodge (if he sees) is horrified! "That's not a meal", he'll tell me. But seriously, sometimes, that is all you feel like. And the kids always eat pb, especially if it is accompanied with honey.

    Actually, I might make myself and pb and honey toast now.

    1. my husband feels the same, but I adore it & I adore even more that the preparation is close to nil.