Many days the only adults I see are strangers (like at the grocery store) & so here's some questions I have about this situation:
So if I happened to smell like cheese all the time would anyone tell me?
And if there was a big blob of broccoli between my front teeth would anyone let me know?

The answer is No, not likely that any adult would, but Yes, one of my children would thankfully say "What stinks?" then every part of me would be sniffed then they would proudly exclaim, "Mom, you smell like cheese!" And they would definitely tell me about the broccoli.

On the flip side:
Would anyone noticed if I wore the same pants for multiple days or if I started looking like I have a comb-over because I haven't washed my hair in too many days & I am trying to hide the fact by brushing new parts of my hair over to look more "glossy" less "greasy."

The answer is a resounding "No!" None of my children would even notice, thankfully. Yet sadly, the reason they won't notice this stuff is because it has become the norm of how they see me most days.

(The above picture was taken by my 5 year old Tiger last October with her disposable birthday camera. I went in to edit the picture & decided to leave it as is because no amount of filters will erase the fact that I look bald in that hat & I have no makeup on, unless you count the mascara under my eyes from the day before...which completely proves the point of this post.)

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