Why are there so many adults who are germapohobic & SO MANY kids who LOVE GARBAGE?
I am not afraid of germs, but I know many who are, and my children definitely are not amongst them. They seem drawn to trash like a magnet. Even my older girls-- if there is the slightest chance of a treasure to be found, it doesn't matter where it is stuck in or what it is stuck to, it will be extracted and cradeled like a newborn babe.

I am painting our living room & so last night we moved our piano to the middle of the room & I discovered lots of junk behind it. I threw it all in  the garbage because it was mixed with mouse poop (aargh! those furry little mongrels!) & when I came into the living room this morning the girls had dug through the trash bag that I had mistakenly left on the floor & had created a wonderland out of all the bits & bobs that I had just thrown away! If I could be drawn to my doing my dishes as much as they are drawn to garbage I would hire myself out to do other's dishes for free just because I loved it SO MUCH!.


  1. Gorgeous pebble art.

    Mine are drawn to rubbish too and you're right, its the hope of hidden treasure.

    ps your much stronger than me, if I came out in the morning and discovered the kitchen strewn with rubbish before I'd managed breakfast, I probably would have had a mini breakdown! Although, thinking about it, I'm pretty sure I've encountered that before already, just tried to wipe it from my memory!

    1. I'm definitely not stronger I usually do have breakdowns & they are usually not mini lol-- in this instance I was running on such little sleep that I didn't have the mental capacity to realize the enormity of the situation-- sometimes it works for me, usually against, but I do love being able to find some sliver of humor in it all, I just wish I could do it more in real life situations.