Professional Picnicking

I am going to be a professional picnicker this summer. Everyday, anywhere I fancy... Most days in my backyard, some days in a park, some days calling friends & inviting them in my yard or going to theirs. We are going to have picnic set up supplies in my trunk with goodies packed so whenever we feel the urge to practice our profession we can pull off the side of the road, plop down our blanket & delights & picnic away!

Picnics are really the best way to eat with kids. If spills happen they go onto the grass or onto my giant, very colorful Muppets blanket that even if you spilled a pitcher of grape juice on it you'd think it was just part of the mesh of Muppet heads & bright splotches of color already there. And cleanup involves shaking any crumbs onto the grass & gathering everything onto the blanket and carrying it hobo-style all in one great big package back to the house to be thrown away or thrown in the wash.

Really I wish my house was a giant picnic -- that instead of carpet I had grass (but that would inevitably harbor bugs & snakes-- but we're dreaming here) & anything played with or eaten was done on a giant blanket then swooped up & placed in its original location. If I could just swoop up my entire house right now & either dump it into a giant toy bin or into the wash I would be set -- for life!

So here's to a slow, delicious summer with lots & lots & lots of picnicking. 

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