Do you ever get in a slump just before amazing things happen... you can feel it inside that change is coming, that new avenues are on the horizon. And then you start yelling more & swearing more & just being altogether more grumpy with all those around you. I seem to have this disease-- on the verge of greatness--itis. I can feel that a miracle in my life is about occur and I get impatient for it, I want it now. I look around at my life and get "done" with all the "have to's" and want my dream right now. I want what I've worked for to pay off right now, not just in a little bit. How do you hang on when you feel like you've had enough but you know you have to go just a bit further?

(I did the above digital painting & it is on my site here)


  1. I do a project or rearrange my house. Sometimes its so hard to wait, I try and remember that it's all in the lords hands. Easier said then done half the time. Good luck.

  2. It's so true-- the best things in life really are right there for us, we just have to have the strength to work hard for them then wait for the right timing--- and go to IKEA a LOT hahaha