Vintage soviet union rotary phone TA-600 yellow rotary telephone rustic home decor bell made in Europe rotary dial phone rare collectibles

So, one of my ongoing goals as a mother is to be able to make a pretend phone call sound completely real, whether it's on a toy, a banana or, like today, a ceramic chicken's nest. I hope I haven't intimidated anyone out there with the enormity of my goal-making.

photo:vintage yellow rotary phone sold by PetarsVintage on etsy here


  1. I think that's the goal of ever preteen kids waiting awkwardly at the mall for friends to show up also.

  2. Oh I fail miserably at the fake phone call, but luckily, Oscar and Nora don't seem to mind just yet! They are quite satisfied with a hello followed by a long string of yeps.

    1. hey, that sounds like some of my phone calls anyways -- I'm actually not that great at avoiding awkward silences or ending without summarizing what the purpose of the call was-- so I guess I'm not only working on pretend phone calls, but real ones to would be funny if your little ones noticed & minded..