Just a bit of the end of last year to start a fire of joy in my heart for this year.

1) This is the best snowman I have ever seen! My girls are amazing!
2) The color Kelly Green flows through my veins like candy.
3) Burger...sweet Burger with a Muppet smile
4) Tiger got an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas and has been cooking up a neon pink storm!

linking up with the lovely Em from Beetleshack here


  1. Hello sweet Burger muppet. (:

    What a cool snowman, and what a contrast to our Christmas.

    Those kelly green sweets look delicious, but I'm totally craving something sweet right now and alas, there is nothing that yum in our cupboards.

    1. there's too much yum in our cupboards-- can't seem to finish projects but I can finish everybox of delights I start hahaha...I DO have some stick-to-itness:)