I just need a little bit of quiet, standing in the sand up to my neck & just watching the world with no expectations on me or from me time. Because when you're up to your neck in sand no one can really expect that much of you. I guess I could nod & help make decisions, but I talk mostly with my hands so I guess even that's out. I could try different flavors of ice cream and say which I like the best by answering simple "Yes or no" questions. But mostly I would sleep and sing at the top of my lungs and people would generally leave "the crazy head in the sand" alone. Wouldn't that be nice? Just for a bit. 

(This old pic of Tiger brings back good sunny memories of us on vacation to California- monkeying around on the beach...We dug a giant hole and she & Loves stood up in it pretending to be just heads-- they had a blast!)