Some dear moments from April....I feel so blessed to have all of this in my life. from left to right each row starting with the top:
1) My kindred spirit friend Rachel brought these wax shaving covered eggs to dye for Easter-- I can create without filters with her...it's fabulous
2) Tiger & her cousin playing
3) Loves dyed our milk green for April Fool's
4) My sister-in-law & niece at our annual Easter Dinner & hunt: Two gorgeous lovelies who are hilarious!
5) Tiger collecting chicken eggs from a secret tree cove
6) Here's my sweet niece as the sun is settin
7) My children being creative -- Yes, that is Burger falling out at the back.
8) My husband playing the piano holding a grundle of kids 
9) Pranks on my husband -- He's a sleeping beauty with makeup done by the girls but definitely approved by me!

April, You have been fantastic... you have been glorious... your weather has been great... I didn't swear or yell as much with your sweet licks of sunshine keeping me going....you have gone by quick enough to get us to summer sooner but slow enough to enjoy the beautiful juicy moments.

Linking up my April stills with Em from The Beetle Shack here