I have hit a point in my 35 almost 36 years of living where there is no room in my life for obligation or guilt or people who lay either of those on me like a thick smathering of mayonnaise. I have (mostly) chucked "mom guilt" in the trash can, I have practiced again and again saying "No" to requests that zap my emotional energy and pull me away from what matters most-- my family. I no longer put up with any Garbagio in this Belagio
I am free to live life on whatever edge I choose to live on...in whatever awkward seagull-like pose I choose to pose in.
Life is my oyster and yours ... so go ahead, believe in yourself. Believe that you can ignore the naysayers and go with your gut-- what is deep down inside you telling you that you really can be happy if you refuse to buy into all the have-tos and shoulds and "I can't believe you're not going tos" around you.
So snatch up that Crawdaddy and give it to your Grandpappy! 

I know you won't regret it.

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