idea for knobs

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Getting the girls to put their clothes in their drawers...let's be honest, getting me to hang up my own clothes when they're taken off, is downright painful. I tried to have the girls hang everything in the closet so they can easily see what is available to wear and what is in the wash, but they couldn't reach the hangers and had zero desire to learn how to insert a hanger into a shirt.

Then I applied the tried and true dresser concept-- visualizing neatly rolled or folded clothes... fast forward to low-motivation winter and the drawers are an explosion of crumpled clothes with the floor leading to it a mine field of just drop it on the floor casualties. But I like that the drawers are within reach-- if they would just get a little closer.

Now, I am going to try to harmoniously blend the two ideas-- Hanging so all can be seen & within reach... Pegs on the wall. A line of pegs for shirts and a line of pegs underneath for bottoms. But what kind of pegs... on a board? just on the wall? They have to be deep enough to hold clothes flung on them.

I saw a picture of plain wood with plain, thick dowels inserted-- very modern, minimalist... and I can't for the life of me find a picture of it.... I love the vintage cat idea and could have a woodworking friend help me cut shapes, but don't want it to come out cartoonish, I want it sweet modern.

Lovely creative juices bubbling.

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