There are many images on the internet of "Green Drinks." In our present culture, many don't see a drink that is green and think "Ooh that looks so yummy, serve me up a slice of that"... many think terms like "sludge" or "gloop"

But, as a mama trying to get her baby who formerly just ate crackers and air to eat vegetables... a green smoothie mustache is down right eye candy. So lets make green the new black or the new cheesecake (that's stretching it a bit).
Here's the technique I used for a yummy green drink (not a "recipe" because I don't use exact amounts and I just use what fruit I have-- which sadly means it doesn't always result in a green mustache because its not always a hit.. everything but the frozen added fruit should stay the same though)

Green Drink Concept
2 bananas
Almond milk (or any milk)
handful of frozen fruit (I used mangos)
handful of ice
big scoop (used regular spoon) of OJ concentrate

**put bananas in blender add almond milk to 3/4th height of bananas. Add rest. Blend Away**

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