There's No Place Like Home
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There is NO place like home. It felt so good to get home from our vacation and have a day together at home with "L" and the kids before he went back to work. The first thing Burger did when we got home was motion that he wanted to sit in his high chair. Tiger ran around pulling toys out and making little toy families in every corner of the livingroom. Loves laid her head on "L's" lap and fell fast asleep. Sigh, I love my home. It hasn't always been that way. When I had two young kids we got out of the house a lot. We had to get out. Now, things are different. I don't feel that urge as much. I am wanting to be home more and more. It's good. 


  1. I love that the urge to leave home does end! Great hope!!

    xo em

    1. yes, it is good to hear from other moms so we can share that hope... and have the hope that maybe someday we'll squeal with delight at a sink full of dirty dishes.
      thanks for the loving comments,