Ways that I am Trying to Increase Love in my Heart:
Snuggling more
Blaming Less
Exercising more
Sleeping more
Not rolling my eyes
Listening to the whole story
Sighing out of annoyance less
Sighing out of contentment more
Singing about what I'm feeling
(to Burger when I rock him to sleep...which hopefully won't cause him to have angst in his dreams because of the emotional fervor of his mothers lullabies)
Recognizing when it's THAT time of the month and not blaming "L" for everything
Keeping my mouth shut more
Laughing more
Saying "yes" more to my family
Saying "no" more to others
Speaking kind words of everyone... especially "L"

yep. the love will soon be flowing through my veins until I cannot contain it and I'm hugging strangers. 

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