Good Morning My Sweet Tiger -- you are 5!
I love birthdays. I love celebrating each of my children individually. I love showering them with something all their own-- a day to be grateful that they came into this amazing world, into a family with me, that I get the hugeness of being their mama. 
Tiger- I feel so blessed that I get to be YOUR mama. That I get to have you jump on my back and tiger snuggle. That I get to find little decorated bits of toys and string and hairbands all wrapped up in spots around the house -- you beautify wherever you go. I love that I get to learn all sorts of new combinations or interpretations of words from you, like "Posta Card Box" when you couldn't remember the word "Mailbox". I love that you are my helper in the kitchen, you love to put the food onto a platter  in the shape of a flower, or arrange the food on your plate into a face.  I love to watch Spatulatta with you. I love when you call to me from another room saying "I love you mama."  I just flat love to love you.  Happy Birthday!

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