screen printed baby hat food thought - burger organic cotton cinder with black ink
The Code of the Burger
(trying to decipher my 2 year old's lingo)

Putt-tin = pancake
Pun-tin = pumpkin
Buh--tin (with emphasis on the "t") = Belly button

Baya = Bear
Beeya = Root beer (that he had at pumpkin carving, which I got a good giggle over  because he definitely would not say the "root" part-- for any horrified non-Americans reading this it is a type of soda pop)

ah-sigh-ee = Outside

tea-too == thank you (really it's anything from tea- choo to chee-chee said in the same sing song tones as thank you)

wee, wala, wun = all have meant water at some point

Dutty == Ducky
Dotty = Daddy (I have gotten these two confused LOTs of times as he's screaming to have me help him find this tiny marble sized ducky that I got out of a quarter machine and I'm passing him to his "Daddy" thinking he's asking for him)

Buh = bird
bah = ball

Most things I have to decipher contextually, in the moment, and look intently to where he is pointing for help. He is a little man of processes (like his Dad) -- like if he asks for more cereal or "Mow Seeya" he also points to the milk and the honey to both be added even if he has enough milk in his bowl, it's the process he wants to have completion of. So a lot of times his comments have something to do with a process that I'm obviously missing (I am emphatically not a woman of processes).

(the image at the top is of a baby burger hat by LEFTright found on etsy here)

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