These beautiful ladies made a debut at Tiger's Birthday.  Tiger's party theme was "mini" and these went perfectly as they are mini pinatas. I made them by blowing up water balloons and doing a traditional elementary school pinata recipe. I dipped strips of newspaper into a flour and water mix then wrapped the strips around each balloon. I set them with the narrow side down into paper cups to dry. Once the tops had dried I flipped them over to let the bottoms dry (or laid them on their sides if the cups were too unstable). We then cut the tos nearly off, just leave a bit attached (cut with a steak knife) and we filled with candy. Then we glued on crepe paper and the kids drew on faces. I made about 15 of these beauties.  They were literally "a hit." (sorry for the pun)

We also had mini ice cream cones, mini cupcakes, mini bagel pizzas and I blew up more water balloons and strung them up so we had mini decorations as well:

We played a fish game where I laid an old shower curtain that had fishes all over in the design over our dining room table and all the kids hid under it and I was the blind shark reaching under the table and grabbing little fish. If I guessed who it was without looking and I was right they became a shark with me. It wasn't mini themed but the kids had a blast with it. We also kept the time "mini" just and hour and a half because we invited 15 kids including our 3 -- We usually don't have that many but it worked out and I really enjoyed it.


  1. What a cool game! (: I can just imagine the squeals of delight (or terror).

    1. yes, that adrenaline rush of getting caught that is half the fun