fried eggs pair of fun potholders - sunny side up - white - made to order
Burger's favorite animal BY FAR is the "Chich-in" (the Chicken). Loves has a kid camera that has games on it and one of the games is basically target shooting of chickens but you're shooting them with a camera lens to take pics of them. Well, Burger loves to sit and watch the game over and over... not play it, it's a little too advanced for a two year old, (Who am I kidding, I only get 1/3 of the chickens caught myself). So whenever the game is over he runs around yelling "Chich-in, Chich-in" as if we have a flock of chickens that just got loose and he's desperately trying to alert me. It gets me excited for the day when I will have a little nunnery of hens in my backyard. Until then a baby running around in his diaper yelling at the top of his lungs "chich-in dame" will have to do. 
(the above egg-a-licious potholders are from xxxredstitchxxx found here)

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