Have you ever had these candies that were uber popular in the late 80s / early 90s? You can find them in the asian aisle of regular grocery stores. Their draw?
That's right, the inner wrapper touching the candy is edible. Now, that is how we can heal the world folks....If we brought all our store-bought goodies home then after putting the goods into other containers we simply ate the wrappings they came in for dinner! TaaDaa! No waste! Or, if after we bought a cute dress we could just rip off the tags & pop them in our mouths....It doesn't stop there-- we could make edible sandwich bags, edible dishes,edible school paper
Then I could start a revolution to help hoarders called 
"Eat your Clutter" 


  1. Hahaha so funny. I had these all the time when we lived in Japan. My fav was the candy crayon. The rice paper looked like the paper and the crayon's where chocolate crispy things

    1. sounds so yummy! I didn't realize you had lived there... We should have an awesome candy party where we all bring interesting candies to try & the invites could be edible hahahha

    2. love it, I'm always up for a candy party.