Often when I look in the mirror I think to myself  "Now, how did I get to be the responsible party here?" In some ways I am still a young child with childlike feelings of frustration, where I furrow my brow & grit my teeth & feelings of confusion where I blink my eyes & twitch my lips & of anger where I storm out of the house & sadness where I feel big crocodile tears rolling down my cheeks. I feel a lot of the same emotions I did as a child. But in all my....ahem....childishness, I have to stand back and ask myself if I feel all the great, grand feelings of childhood. Do I feel the rush of giddy excitement like when the ice cream truck music was getting closer & closer to my house? Do I feel the ants in my pants anticipation like waiting for my mom's reply to whether a friend could sleepover? Do I feel, above all, A SENSE OF WONDER? Do I feel a delight in new places, new sounds, new smells? Do I crave discovery for the pure thrill of the search?

Amidst all my responsibilities or avoidance of said responsibilities, do I take moments just to breathe & believe in the possibilities that lie ahead? Wonders really never cease, but I think we just get so knocked down that we forget how to find them, or rather, how to see them in our lives.  It's kind of like sometimes I forget to do the laundry for a LONG time & then I look in my closet, see nothing there & think to myself  "I have no clothes!" So I throw on a pair of running pants that I have never really run in but are starting to get those little snips of broken elastic springing out from the seam that runs right over my bum, so I have to throw on a shirt dress that smells ok from off of a pile which I have forgotten whether it is clean or dirty to wear to cover the stretched out bum pants. The shirt is short sleeved & it's starting to get cold outside so I have to throw on the only sweater in my closet which is neon orange & does not match at all with the shirtdress & definitely not with the shirtdress over workout pants. Then later that day after I've already gone into public like that, I pull out the laundry to spray it with stain remover & I find that wonders really never do cease because I have a bounty of options for clothes that don't require any bum coverage.  yup...it's just like that.


  1. Well said... Love the child like wonder, in fact I think I need a new adventure in the near future.