Have you ever had one of those moments. An "I cannot listen to anymore whining (Or As my Uncle Fred from Australia says "winge-ing)" moment where you find that you're locking yourself in the bathroom, turning on super hot water to melt everything away as you lay there eating a taco salad. I had one of those moments today. Okay, so most of you might be way grossed out right now thinking of eating a taco salad in the bath...but, in my defense, I was WAY hungry & I hit my limits just as we were all dishing up dinner. And there are some moments where I am thriving and others where I'm just surviving. It was survival, as I lay a foot away from my toilet, pretending I was in a fancy hotel's jetted tub eating a delightful taco salad brought to me by room service. See, in my dreams it was very much okay to eat a taco salad in the bath.... so pass me the ranch dressing, would you please?

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