Things I Found Around the House This Week
I get so much joy out of the creations that my children make and finding them in random little spots around the house..tiny pockets of wonder. It helps curb the anger I feel at toys scattered literally everywhere. It brings a bit of humor to the everyday.
Clockwise from top left: 
1) 6 year old Tiger made this gorgeous superhero/disco outfit for her giraffe, 
2) This is Tiger's art doll for drawing that she decorated with marker when she was 4 & this week decided it was an acrobat that could hold towers of wonder (under the pink bug is a rice krispie treat)
3) Two heads on a stick -- hahaha
4) Rocks we painted last fall that I didn't know were taken back outside until the snow melted one day & I spied a glimmer of glitter underfoot & found these beauties staring up at me

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  1. Haha I love this, what a cute idea. I often found random little bits and pieces and treasures all around my house. I think that I should do this one week! x

  2. omg this post is sublime! I LOVE IT! you should start a linky, it would give us frantic mums going mad picking things up day in day out a reason to find some joy in the bending! xxxxx did you blog about your graden journal,I would love to see it xxx

    1. What a great idea... I think I'll start a linky for it! I 'll take some pics of my garden journal & post them-- ooh, I can feel Spring bubbling up!