Raising Sailors

As one of the neighbor kids was leaving our house today I said "Go say bye to Ryan" to 4 year old  Burger and he exclaimed, "No, he's too fat!" I gasped and then remembered that Burger has a hard time saying his "s's" What he was trying to say was that Ryan was too FAST for him to catch up to.
Many such misinterpretations have happened in our family, to the point that I'm afraid that I'm raising a bunch of sailors. 
When my oldest daughter Loves was little she used to say "grandma" with a "D" so whenever she'd see my sweet proper British mum she would yell out
Then Tiger came along and when she was 2  the way she would ask if I could hold her was she would stand in the hall and indignantly demand "Sit, Sit" (wanting me to hold her and sit down with her). Unfortunately she would do this out in public as well and she said her "s's" with a great big "SH" every time. And every time I just wanted to say "I agree Tiger, I agree"
It's almost too uncanny to mention but it's true. Our progression of swearing has been true to form as little Burger came to our family and began to talk. Instead of "crackers" he would say "fackers"....well, you can imagine where this is going....let's just say I try to avoid being around others when we see a diesel go by and he yells "TRUCK TRUCK"....whew, good thing we're raising sailors not kids or there would be a lot of old ladies blushing.

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