Sweet Burger got face paint for his 4th birthday and he wanted to paint my face. I think this is a good look for me. I think this approaching winter (which I get tight in my chest just thinking about) I am going to have him do my makeup every morning, like these models and rock stars:
 Alexander Khokhlov paints and photographs his models so convincingly they look like 2D paintings. 
Like this gorgeously realistic face paint art from Alexander Khokhlov's Art of Face collection found here.

Lady gaga, paint pallet makeup
Or this human art palette on Lady Gaga*

Who says I can't be a star at my own neighborhood grocery store. Maybe if I feel like I'm on stage then I can look at all the piles of laundry and dishes and toys as props instead of annoyances. Every time I step into my minivan crusted with dirt and boogers and chicken nuggets I can imagine that I am travelling to my debut concert incognito, so throngs of fans won't recognize me. Did you recognize me last week as I was yelling at my kids to get into the van as I'm trying to quickly shove the groceries into the trunk and slam the door at the same time so it will all fit in? Did you?  See, I knew you thought I was a harried mom who had given up on disciplining and her resolve to stop swearing...little did you know.

*If anyone knows the source of this Gaga pic, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due