Do you ever get so overwhelmed at the fact that the same stuff has to be done day after day...forever? Before I had a house I kind of thought that maintaining a house could not be that hard and that once I had kids some innate drive to nest would cause me to want to clean up...I'm 14 years into home ownership and 10 years into child-rearing and I was sorely wrong on both accounts. There are the rare times when I'm not hormonal and when I'm not stressed and the kids are happily playing that I actually get a burst of energy and feel like charging through the house, finding a place for everything or chucking it out the door. But the whole rest of forever I mostly avoid and resent and step over.
I'm curious, how do you keep happy like Frank the French Toast in everyday housekeeping?


  1. For me--Diet Coke and Prozac! A lethal combination for my household clutter! (Sometimes)

    1. haha...yep, for me it's Dr. Pepper and chocolate

  2. Oh my goodness ... I am exactly the same as you.

  3. heheheh
    well... i don't have as much work as you do but... my home's a mess and that makes me happy (though my husband doesn't ;))