I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Rachel of Deleting the Adjectives 
I'm so delighted! Here's my answers to the questions she posted for me:

* Let’s hear your elevator pitch. Who are you and what do you blog about?
I am one of those gummy fried eggs disguised as a woman and I like to write so that when people read what I wrote they believe, as I do, that pleated pants bring hours of comedy.

* What inspires you?
Pinatas, my kids' artwork, being outside near water, being away from my dishes and laundry, planning games to play at parties for kids, faces drawn on random objects,

* Where are you from and what are your favorite things about that place?
My Dad was in the military & I moved every 1-3 years growing up. So I am from everywhere that I have lived, visited or dreamt of...each memory has built a piece of me. I was born in Utah but grew up along the California beaches & the green hills of England & really decided who I was with the smell of South African chocolate getting squishy in the hot sun. And my favorite things about all of these places I've lived are the people I've loved there, the sweets I've devoured and the scenery I've hiked through. 

* What is your biggest indulgence?
I love anything creamy... cheesecake, ice cream, milk chocolate. None of this dark chocolate, lowfat nonsense....give me the heavy cream and butter please. And I am an all or nothing sweets eater -- I have to finish the box. And I cannot ever chew only one piece of gum at a time -- I at least have to have two or three.

* What are your thoughts on soul mates?
I think no matter what we all have to work hard to be happy with what & who is in our lives. I believe we need to learn how to become a soul mate to the mate we've chosen. 

* What music do you have on repeat lately?
 Daft Punk's "Instant Crush" has got me through some rough times recently

* Do you believe time travel is possible? If it is, where would you go?  
Yes, back to that one day when I was 9 & I dropped that double decker ice cream cone onto the cement while walking home in a windstorm and just left the top scoop lying there. 

* What do you consider to be your greatest achievement thus far?
Surviving nine long winters in Utah. seriously. 

* Who or what will you be in your next lifetime?
 An ice cream truck driver/ forest ranger

* What blogs do you recommend?
Good Ones.

* Where are you going?
I have no idea. Maybe to a thrift store looking for some corduroy pants. Or to a yoga class. Or to a lake to pretend that I live near a beach. Or to camp in my van. Anything with my kids and the outdoors. And hopefully, eventually, to live forever with them in a place where everyone loves each other and the only reason they are there is because they want to be.


  1. Love your thoughts on soul mates. You summed up how I feel about soul mates in a much clearer way than I ever could.

    1. thanks! Now I just have to practice it..

  2. Me too. Your soul-mate philosophy rings so true.

    Love all your answers and getting to know more about you.

    ps hope Spring is on its way

  3. thanks so much for the hope-- it is a bit chilly today but Spring is definitely her YAY!